Back to School

It’s almost time for school again. I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to having class and learning again, though it will come at a price of my free time. Free time which, I have to say, I’ve been enjoying as of late, despite the lack of games.

I always find a way to entertain myself, and this website is usually a good outlet for creative pursuit. Optimization and crafting clean CSS/HTML is always fun, plus I briefly toyed with Google’s AngularJS,which is quite neat. In fact, I may put my skills to the test using Angular by building an “app” for my employer, using the technology I’m familiar with.

I’m also excited to finally finish the prerequisite math courses that I need to really get into my core classes. Since I didn’t do that well on my entrance exam’s math portion, I’ve been paying for it in spades with beginner math courses that I, apparently, needed after such along hiatus from High School.

Now that I have some courses that don’t require long term papers, I think it will be up to this blog to help hone some of my English skills. May FSM have mercy on it’s soul.

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