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So, I love fountain pens. It’s a new hobby of mine to collect and try out various kinds along with different nibs and inks. While its a bit expensive and probably more than a little esoteric, I find that having a nice writing implement with a unique color is very much my style. The pens I tend to buy are understated and if you didn’t really pay attention, you might mistake them for a standard ballpoint or marker.

There are lots of different inks to choose from, too. I had picked up some ink in the form of Lamy’s black (as my first pen was a Lamy, I thought that it might make sense to try their ink). I then sampled a bunch from Pilot, Diamine to Waterman’s. All very good inks, if a little expensive for a full bottle.

That brings me to my recent purchase of Noodler’s “Bad Heron Blue”. It’s a pretty nice blue-black that flows very quickly and dries very fast. I had never purchased a Noodler’s, despite forms and blogs lavishing praise on the brand.

Noodler’s is probably better known for their “54th Mass” line of ashy blue. They’re also known for everything being made here in America, a kind of small miracle given the severe lack of interest in anything but ball-point pens here.

All-in-all it was a good purchase. The site I keep linking to is Goulet Pens, a family-run pen supply company up in Ashland, VA. I really like his prices for supplies and they pack things almost to a comically overdone extent to ensure nothing breaks en-route. I try to give them as much business as possible. While I like saving money as much as the next guy, there is something to be said about customer service in this age. Plus they drop a free Tootsie Roll Pop in the box with your stuff. Win!.