Fitbit is Awesome

I seem to have an on-and-off relationship with technology. Either it’s working in near seamless harmony with me, or as it seems lately: it conspires to end me through stress, messed up configurations and endless errors.

My wife, however, seems to have a perfectly reasonable relationship with technology. That is until the price point hovers somewhere between $100to $500. It’s at this point bizarre things begin happening. Her iPhone,shortly after getting it, decided it didn’t like connecting to most WiFi access points (except for those at the store…).

Recently, she purchased a Fitbit to track steps with me and help get in shape with me. Things seemed to be nice and dandy for a week or so, that is until her Fitbit stopped charging what-so-ever.

She dutifully contacted Fitbit via e-mail and, as they stated they contacted her back to say that they’d be happy to help. Since she purchased her Flex through a retailer, they suggested that she try there first. They also said that if they were unwilling to return/exchange the product that they would do so without question. The retailer in question (Target) did without hesitation, and now she is beating my pants off via steps.

Customer service is a rare thing today. Good companies do it well and generally have a strong following. I guess that I’ve had so many bad customer service experiences (looking at you, Acquia) that I had almost been sworn off contacting them when something goes wrong. I know that,as someone who works in IT, delaying or hiding the problem doesn’t get anything fixed and only breeds resentment on both sides of the equation,but the having to slog through the same troubleshooting steps and having to repeat the same questions to eight different representatives, as I get passed around like an unwanted fruit cake during the holidays.

So, *thank you* Fitbit. You’ve done my wife and I a solid. I didn’t trust you initially because I don’t like it when I can’t get the data you’re collecting on me, but the excellent Flex and the incredible service have given you a shiny gold star in my eyes.

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.