Rompin', Stompin' Mechwarrior Feet!

I miss the old Mechwarrior games. Stomping around in a big walking tank that shoots lasers and missles at other mechs on a barely distinguishable terrain.

Yes, I realize there is MechWarrior Online, but I’m tired of that free-to-play (aka pay-to-win) B.S.. I’d rather sit here, nostalgic and a bit hopeful that someday my prince/game development studio will come and build me a majestic MechWarrior game.

This is exactly why this old video makes me so sad. Smith and Tinker had the look and feel tied up. Considering this trailer came out in 2009, I’m pretty sure the next couple of years would have been spectacular as far as gaming goes.

Edit: Pictures of a MadCat/Timberwolf mech as a kids “play house”.