WMD Markdown Editor

So, a fantastic new Markdown editor came out.  It’s based entirely in JavaScript and allows for some pretty impressive editing features.

There was one problem with it though.  No way to really integrate it with WordPress. I mean, normally there is some sort of documentation and usually a hook or two via plugin to inject the needed code into your page(s) as they’re built.

On a whim, though, I tried just including the JS files (I uploaded the entire “WMD” directory to be safe) and let it fly.  Not only did it give the just comment forms a nice toolbar, but it didn’t do what I was afraid it was going to do, that is give every text field a toolbar.

Now, after including one line in my comments.php file, I am able to have sweet sweet Markdown in my comments, which are later translated to HTML via the Markdown plugin for wordpress so that comments look good.


By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.