Amusing Levels of Storage

I signed up for an Amazon S3 account. Since I have Transmit, I can connect directly and manage my storage buckets1 and upload/download files in a familiar UI.

So far, I’ve stumbled around inside of it, trying to concoct an adequate backup solution for my personal laptop. I finally think I’ve got it down enough so that I can do away with burning DVD sets every time something important comes (or I get the urge to backup).

Right now, though, the initial upload is almost painful. I have about 10gb of stuff to put up there, including music, movies, pictures and program data (like Wallet and Tasks databases).

Eventually I hope to just use Transmit’s “mirror” mode and have it query the S3 bucket, find out what has changed, and upload it without much work on my behalf and with minimal time used.

Though, so far, I’m hardly crying about it. I’m using a whopping $0.10 a month to host almost 300 MB (so far) of personal data that is encrypted and securely stored at Amazon’s data centers around the world.

Not bad for less than a dollar.

Now, I’m still in the market for a … more conventional storage solution. Erin has pretty much solidified the requirement of locality. Meaning I’ll need to find a nice, cheap, Ethernet NAS that we both can dump gigabytes and gigabytes of data to across the local network with a fair amount of reliability. I know I could just setup a Linux server, but I’m long since past having to have a full tower in my office making loud noises as it sucks down 250-500 watts of power all day, every day.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of instead of using the slick Time Machine, using rsync to do backups. Though, since I have no way of doing such a thing right now, I’m kind of left thinking about it, instead of doing.

1: Storage buckets, or ‘buckets’, are the way Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) handles storage areas. Much like a drive letter on Windows or a volume name on Mac, it’s just a way of defining a place for things.

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.