Here is what is currently happening in my world:

  • I canceled World of Warcraft. Yeah, that’s right. I wasn’t having any fun anymore, my life is far too busy now to play much anymore and my friends are all high-level and too snobby to play with me. Plus, I have a Game Cube and a bunch of fun games for it.
  • I’ve made up a presentation for the upgrade to a downtown Law Firm’s network. I have yet to present it, but in due time. Also: it’s 12 pages
  • My current job is offering several positions higher than my current one, and I think I will take one of them.
  • I’m currently switching to Ma.gnolia for my bookmarking needs. Update: Done.
  • I’ve been working on my website, paring it down slightly and cleaning up the code. I find I have more time without World of Warcraft.
  • Update: Deep Notes is a pretty awesome, simple outliner. Worth a try if you’ve used everything from a .txt file to OmniOutliner.
  • Deleted my Flickr account (yay, almost Yahoo! free now!)

Overall, I’ve been more productive lately.

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.