Work and the Web

As many of you probably know. I have a bit of a passion when it comes to web design. I see how it works and I see how it can be optimized and made to be into something incredibly efficient as well as enjoyable to work with and use.

Which is why it depresses me so that our web site is so poorly designed. It was written with the mindset of people who learned the bare minimum of HTML and went to town. Complete with tables for layout and javascript image rollovers. Welcome to 1990.

Which is why I was so excited when one of the higher-ups announced to the community that they would be taking suguestions for a site redesign.

Huzzah! A chance to prove my worth in yet another arena! One that I feel I was more than adequate at. I would finally enact a change that I could feel proud of.

Except. There is the problem that is the current web administrator. The one that designed the current table-laiden monster.  He is the man behind the door, he is the one with all the keys to the web.  To do anything about the website, you have to do so with his blessing.

It’s about this time I realized my folly.  Sort of like falling down because of untied shoe-laces on the best day of your life.  I was so drained by the fact that no matter how much zeal I put into this, no matter how much factual data I back it up with, it still has to be approved of by the Web Administrator and the rest of the Seinor IT staff.


I know now why most companies are the way they are.  Slow, inefficent and all but ground to a halt.  Because intrenched ‘IT’ people have the seniority and therefore the say. No matter how much you want to change the world, or make something a little bit better, unless you are sitting on a large heap of cash, you’re better off shutting up and getting paid to do what you do.

I’m so depressed.

Update: There is also an independant group of students coming together to manage the various student-based orginization web sites.  I might go to that, too.  But I’m really not going to get my hopes up.

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.