Misc Rants

Frustration Levels Mounting…

In which I rant

Ok. I don’t hate my job at all. In fact, I love doing computer work. There comes a certain satisfaction for getting everything up and running perfectly, so that the system is humming like a well tuned engine.

However, there are many times when you run into people who simply do not know what they are talking about. Even if they appear/claim to be well qualified professionals, you just know they’re spouting B.S.

I need to relax. Help Desk is a difficult environment to work in and still stay objective. Besides, I’m not the one at risk if something blows up…

By Nathan

Hello! My name is Nathan and I'm a technologist living and working in the south east. I love breaking crap and fixing it. I tend to break more than I fix. When I'm not breaking and fixing stuff, I'm playing games with my son or going to Disney with my family. I strongly support open source software, hardware and greater transparency in government.