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So, yes. I am doing werid crap to my site again. So sue me.

On second thought, don’t.

Really, I’m just kind of playing around while my bordem canibalizes my brain at work. Feel free to chastize me for not ‘working’ at work, but my duties for today are all but finished. So

Lorem Ipsum.

Edit: I’ve preserved my old drupal site, so, stop panicing

Update: Wow, I’m really kind of liking this built-in WYSIWYG editor

By Nathan

Hello! My name is Nathan and I'm a technologist living and working in the south east. I love breaking crap and fixing it. I tend to break more than I fix. When I'm not breaking and fixing stuff, I'm playing games with my son or going to Disney with my family. I strongly support open source software, hardware and greater transparency in government.