Hello 👋 and welcome to my website! My name is Nathan DeGruchy and here is where I put various bits of information about myself! I hope you enjoy browsing around!

Nathan is a technologist, support engineer and Open Source enthusiast living and working in Florida. Often, he can be found playing board games with his family, video games by himself or breaking technological things in order to fix them "better".



Florida Coastal School of Law

As the website administrator, I was responsible for managing, maintaining and implementing new infrastructure, content and features for the entire site.



As the site's primary developer, I was responsible for implementing features for the WordPress backend. As well as managing the database.

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Social Networks

I have presence on several so-called "social media" websites. Many of them are just to use the service proper. I rarely, if ever, interact with people on them. The sole exception to this is fediverse systems, like Mastodon.


  • Fosstodon
  • Matrix/Element @nathan.degruchy:matrix.org


Need to get in touch with me? There are a couple of more official methods that you can take, if contacting someone via social media is not your thing.